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“What is PennTags?

PennTags is a social bookmarking tool for locating, organizing, and sharing your favorite online resources. Members of the Penn Community can collect and maintain URLs, links to journal articles, and records in Franklin, our online catalog and VCat, our online video catalog. Once these resources are compiled, you can organize them by assigning tags (free-text keywords) and/or by grouping them into projects, according to your specific preferences. PennTags can also be used collaboratively, because it acts as a repository of the varied interests and academic pursuits of the Penn community, and can help you find topics and users related to your own favorite online resources.
PennTags was developed by librarians at the University of Pennsylvania. We welcome your feedback! Please contact us at penntags@pobox.upenn.edu.”

Läs mer på http://tags.library.upenn.edu/help/

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2 Responses to “University of Pennsylvania - PennTags”  

  1. 1 Jonas Fransson

    Känner någon till något liknande projekt i Sverige? Jag tror det är en väg vi (biblioteken) måste ta.

  2. 2 Eva Norling

    jag håller med.
    Det här borde vi gjort för länge sen…

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